From: The Trading Desk Of Nicola Delic
Re: My Personal Life Story…

Hi, my name is Nicola Delic and I’m a professional Forex Trader and Mentor. Like everyone else, I learned about trading completely by chance, I was browsing YouTube one day and accidently clicked on the wrong video and from there, I learned about how a guy named Timothy Sykes was making money trading penny stocks at home in his bathrobes. I loved the idea of getting that kind of freedom, and I figured I was always good at math and things like that, so I should definitely learn this. You might be asking yourself why I didn’t learn stocks? Well at the end of the day, I wasn’t rich, so I did research and decided Forex was the best place to start because you don’t need much money to start trading in that market.

So I immediately began devouring every single piece of trading knowledge I could get my hands on. I read around 20 books and dove right into trading, that why I could try and use everything I learned to make money. I put in $500 dollars and lost 50% of it by the end of my first year trading. I never even thought of quitting because I still had my day job, but I knew this is what I wanted to do with my life so I went right back to the drawing board, I would spend 8 hours every day after work researching and learning everything I could, I eventually learned about Elliot Wave and dedicated my time to mastering it, so that I could not only understand the market and how it moves, but how to make money from it as well, not only that, but I spent time looking over every trade so I could fix my risk management and psychology to make sure I became profitable. It was a long journey, and once I became profitable I felt like a trading god, I grew my account to $50,000 dollars after years of hard work, I was finally getting to the point I was happy with myself, and then I went out one day and left a trade on with no stop loss. I lost 50% of my account but the value of the lesson I learned was so much greater, I realized how important having a set stop loss is, and I learned to never get cocky and always approach this as a business.

From that point on, I dedicated myself to being the best trader I could be, and with all that work, came jobs in the trading industry, working with places like Instaforex, FTI Consulting, and ElliotWave-Forecast. I even started my own hedge fund that grew to over $150 million dollars. I was being employed by hedge funds, banks, and brokers to help develop research tools for them, and give them forecasts to help them, it was at this point in my career I decided it was time I should give back as well, so I began developing education and systems, to help everybody who shares the dream I had become professionals, and as of now, I have taught over 5,000 traders who are now professionals working for different funds and brokers, I have been trading for 11 years now in total, and nothing has been more satisfying for me then helping people who were in the same position as me when I started out, achieve their dreams like I did.

 My goal now is to expand, this year I plan to take 1,000 new traders, and turn them into Trading Professionals, I will also have at least 10 seminars for traders whether they be my students, or just people who are interested in learning to attend and take their trading to the next level. I have spent the last 11 years investing in myself, and I am going to spend this year making sure I invest in my students, so if you are dedicated to becoming a professional and taking your trading to the next level, this is the place to be.

Best Regards,
Nicola Delic