Get Funded & Start Trading For a Living In The Next 8 Weeks!

Hey Trader,

Are you frustrated because you want to make a full-time income trading the forex market, but you don’t know how?

Do you find it interesting that others can profit every day while you’re still losing on almost every trade?

Perhaps you are struggling to find the right system to help you become a better trader, but you are unsure what system to use?
If so, you are not alone…

I fully understand how you feel…

When I started with forex trading 13 years ago, I had no idea how to start, and I switched to over 30 trading strategies until I found something that worked…

I remember going through a bunch of problems on the way to success. Every profitable system I found for the first couple of days ended up losing me money.

Does this sound familiar to you?

It used to take me hours to figure out what pair to pick, what strategy to use, what risk to take etc. etc… There is a saying, “you may have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Prince or Princess” and oh man does that relate to my early trading journey until….

I cracked the code. I stopped chasing the market and focused on what mattered, big institutions. You can only be profitable if you think and trade as an institution. They can impact the current price action period!

Over the years, I worked for Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, and Banks until I was sure I learned enough to move on my own. I’ll never say that I know every trick in the book, but there is a reason why I’m currently ranked the highest-earning Trader in Balkan. From 2010 to 2022, I didn’t have a losing year, so I’m confident in my trading skills.

In the last few years, I tried a few different ways to help retail traders become profitable, and I’m more than proud of the results my students are making monthly. That’s why I want to introduce something slightly different than what everyone will expect…

I’m starting a small private Mastermind program where I’m going to change the life of 10 people every six months. Nicola Delic’s 8-week Mastermind Group will begin on the 03 of October when the transformation of a maximum of 10 traders starts.

Here’s what you will get out of

this Mastermind Group!

8-week Mastermind Sessions covering all areas of institutional trading means you can focus on what matters and stop getting distracted. We will have many live trading sessions together, so you can see everything we teach applied in real examples.

Complimentary Prop firm Challenge so you get instant access to $25,000 in the capital after completing the challenge under your name. Our partners from Surgetrade understand that our strategy works and will give everyone who passes my coaching a chance to work with them.

Personal Trading Strategy that you will love so you can use a proven strategy that will be profitable for the next ten years. Each of us is a little bit different, so Nicola will work 1-on-1 with each member to build a personal trading plan that will make them profitable.

Monthly Market Forecasts Plans for next Year to ensure you are always one step ahead of the market. Each month you’ll get Nicola’s forecasts that he uses for his trading presented so everyone can use them.

Lifetime Support and Feedback so you can ask questions and receive answers anytime you need additional help.

Live Sessions Schedule

Monday 3rd October

Ultimate Guide On How To Think As Hedge Fund Trader

Wednesday 5th October

Understanding Most Important Skills In Trading

Monday 10th October

Understanding Most Important Skills In Trading

Wednesday 12rd October

mastering Core Institutional Strategy

Friday 14th October

Mastering Trend Trading Strategy

Tuesday 18th October

Mastering Counter Trend Trading Strategy

Thursday 20th October

How To Combine Everything Together

Tuesday 25th October

Risk Management Plan For Successful Trading

Friday 28th October

Live trading room to see everything in action

Thursday 3rd November

New york live trading room

Tuesday 8th November

New york live trading room
(FX & Commodities )

Thursday 10th November

New york live trading room
(FX & Crypto)

Monday 14th November


Friday 18th November

Mastermind How To Use Automation For Faster Growth

Monday 21st October

Mastermind Tricks & Tips For Improving Your Results Faster

Friday 25th November

Final Mastermind Trading Room and Q&A Session


Who Should Apply?

I know this is the first thing on your mind when you have seen what you will get, and the answer is simple. I’m looking for a maximum of 10 determined Traders with full-time jobs that want to start living from their trading within a few months.

We will work a lot during these mastermind sessions; I’ll teach you everything you need and give you all the tools I’m using daily to help me with trading. Also, one crucial part, I’m not too fond of theory, so 80% of our sessions will be live trading together. This way, I prove everything I teach and give you a chance to copy some of my trades that no one ever sees.

After testing this program on a few lucky students, I’m sure you’ll start seeing profits in as 4-6 weeks and have better results than most professional traders in a few months.

What’s The Special Offer On
The Nicola Delic Mastermind?

With all the value we packed in the Nicola Delic Mastermind, we usually charge $2,997 for it, but for the next 2 weeks, you can join the program for only $997, meaning you save over 66% to start your trading career quickly!

But That’s Not All! We Prepared Some Exclusive Bonuses For You!

Bonus #1: 90 Days Access To Nicolas FX Power Trades Copier

FX Power Trades is one of the Nicola’s most popular service and you have the chance to get in completely free for 90 days! You will get access to Nicola’s trades for 90 days! All his trades will be copied directly to your account!

Bonus #2: Two 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions With Nicola

Get two 1-on-1 sessions with Nicola that you can use anytime you want in next 1 year. This is a great for getting tailored breakdown of your trading and figuring out faster what you need to improve. You can use this sessions for anything related to Trading not just our class.

Nicola Delic Mastermind Money Back Guarantee

With all the data we have behind our Mastermind program… I can, with full confidence, prepare a guarantee as you will never see from any trading coach!

You’ll have six months to try out my trading approach for FREE! You can see that I’m taking a big RISK here since no one is stopping you from using the system and making money, and then ask for a refund.

So here is the deal! All you need to do to receive a 100% refund on the money you invest today is “TO TRY YOUR BEST DURING THE MASTERMIND COACHING.”

We are only working in groups of max ten traders at the time, so if you have any questions or don’t get something, ask, and I’ll try to help you overcome all issues.

Just follow the rules that you will learn, and if for any reason you don’t become profitable in the first six months, ask me for a refund, and that’s all.

This is only because I’m sure that anyone following the rules can become profitable in my trading!

So here is what you get when signing up for the next mastermind group:

– 8 Weeks Of Coaching & Live Trading
– Free Access To Prop Firm Funding
– Monthly Forecasts Meetings
– Direct Guidance & Support from Your Coach
– Guarantee That You Will Become a Successful Trader
When you sign up to the mastermind group today, you get it at the best price we’ve ever done and will also receive exclusive bonuses.

Best Regards,
Nicola Delic

P.S. The Nicola Delic Mastermind Group might go up in price any time. You’re getting it at a significant discount plus many bonuses. Sign up now before the offer is gone!

P.P.S. My clients come to me because they demand a steady income in their accounts. Join the Mastermind today to block anyone else from taking your slot.